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DIY recipes and projects allow you to tackle just about anything—from DIY self tanner to a rainbow birthday party! Plus, they’re a great way to save money and do something heartfelt, either for yourself or others. 

DIY Bath and Beauty… like DIY Self Tanner

DIY bath and beauty products, like DIY self tanner and homemade face moisturizer, allow you to stay on budget while protecting yourself from unpronounceable and potentially harmful ingredients. Plus, DIY products allow you to get a tailored-to-you product, avoiding any ingredients you know irritate your skin or that you just don’t like, such as certain fragrances. For example, homemade hair dye can give you a custom color without ingredients that typically cause your scalp to burn! 

Not only are DIY bath and beauty products cheaper than what you buy at the store, many of them utilize the same ingredients with minor variations, so it’s super easy to whip up a new product. For example, often homemade face moisturizer and homemade hair conditioner recipes both call for coconut oil.  

Oh, and remember how DIY recipes allow you to do something heartfelt for yourself or others? Well, these DIY bath and beauty products make great gifts! For example, give your friend DIY self tanner at her bridal shower if she’s looking to get a rosy glow before the big day. Or give your friend who just got a new puppy some homemade dog toothpaste. Many of these products pair really well together, like the DIY microdermabrasion paste and the homemade face moisturizer. Get creative with DIY. Trust me, it’s a heartfelt gift the recipient won’t soon forget! 

DIY Parties… like a Rainbow Birthday Party

Going the DIY route can allow you to party like a rockstar on a miniscule budget. The trick is to pick a DIY party theme that’s easy to carry across various aspects of a party like food and decor—a rainbow birthday party is the perfect example. When it comes to a rainbow birthday party, all you need to stay on theme is multi-colored decorations, food, and party favors. That should neither be too difficult or expensive. 

Keep your rainbow birthday party on budget by making use of outdoor party games for kids and adults and cheap yet time consuming activities like face painting. Easy face paint ideas will allow you to do even this aspect of the party yourself! 

DIY Crafts… like Grandparents Day Crafts 

DIY crafts are the perfect way to stick to a budget while still showing someone how much you appreciate or love them. Plus, what’s cuter than a homemade craft from a kiddo? Nothing. 

From Grandparents Day crafts to preschool Christmas crafts to DIY teacher gifts, there’s a heartfelt and homemade craft project out there for any occasion. And I do mean any occasion, even non-holidays like “fall,” which can be celebrated with fall crafts for preschoolers or for Mom, learning how to paint wine glasses!

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