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Printables are a frugal way to create, educate, entertain, and organize. In fact, just one type of printable, printable bubble letters, can do almost all of those things! 

Create with Printable Bubble Letters and More

Printables can help with nearly any craft project. For example, use options like the printable bubble letters or the gothic calligraphy alphabet for scrapbooking or stationary projects. 

Printables can even help with holiday home decor. Instead of buying seasonal products that take up valuable storage space and collect dust most of the year, use printables like the printable Halloween decorations

Educate with Printable Bubble Letters and More

Use printables to help your kiddos learn. For example, turn to printable bubble letters. Have your little ones color or trace printable upper and lowercase bubble letters to master their ABCs. 

You can even help them learn reading and spelling skills with the printable bubble letters alphabet. Simply print out the entire alphabet or individual letters (like bubble letter g or bubble letter i) and have your kiddo make different words or go around the house “labeling” things that start with that letter!

Entertain with Printable Bubble Letters and More 

Printables can also help you have a good time on a budget. As already mentioned you can have your kiddo color free printable alphabet letters. While that’s a great way to learn the ABCs, turning printable bubble letters into coloring sheets is also a fun (non-messy) rainy day activity! 

You could also use the printable letter templates to create a matching game, where you try to find two of the same letter or match an uppercase to a lowercase bubble letter. 

Printables aren’t just for kids though! Use the free printable bridal shower games to throw a party on a budget. To keep your party costs low you can also give out printable tickets as “prizes,” which act as raffle tickets for one big prize. 

Organize with Printable Bubble Letters and More 

Using printables to get organized can save you time and stress! For instance, the printable chore charts for kids will keep everyone on track when it comes to household responsibilities. Use the gratitude journal template to start a new well-being habit. Once again, turn to the trusty printable bubble letters to create labels or an alphabetical organizational system. 

Really, when it comes to printables like the printable bubble letters, the possibilities are limited by only your imagination! :) 

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