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Who doesn’t love freebies? From those that let you save on items you’d normally pay for, like the Kroger free Friday download, to free printables that educate and entertain like the play money template, freebies are awesome. 

Free Products with the Kroger Free Friday Download and More

Believe it or not, there are freebies out there that allow you to snag actual products you’d normally pay for like groceries and school supplies. For example, have you ever heard of the Kroger free Friday download? If not, you’ve definitely been missing out! 

Each week, on, you guessed it, Friday, you can snag a 100% free product from your local Kroger (or Kroger family store). All you have to do is get the Kroger digital coupons free Friday download, put the item in your cart, and then use the digital coupon at checkout. The Kroger free Friday download can be any of the thousands and thousands of products Kroger’s carries including food, beverages, household goods, or bath or beauty products. 

Outside of the Kroger free Friday download, there are plenty of ways freebies can help you snag kindergarten through college school supplies. If finding “free school supplies near me” is on your growing to-do list, you’ve come to the right place. Learn ways to get free school supplies such as using coupons and rebates and how to apply for free school supplies through giveaways and charities. 

Free Printables like the Play Money Template and More

Save money and entertain or educate with free printables. In fact, some printables, like the play money template, allow you to do both. With the free play money template, you can help your kiddo learn to count and even make change while engaging his or her imagination. 

Free printables can also make special occasions really stand out. For example, free first day of school printables can make heading back to the classroom something you and your kiddo will remember for years to come. The elf on the shelf letter and Santa letter template free printables can make Christmas more magical. 

Free printables are not just for kiddos. They can entertain adults as well. For example. the diaper raffle tickets are a way to throw a party on a budget. Instead of giving out prizes for each game, hand out the diaper raffle tickets, which enter the winner to snag a big prize at the end of the night! 

Trust me, keep reading and you’ll be a freebie Mom (or Dad) pro in no time! 

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