50 Fall Crafts for Kids: Craft Ideas Your Family Will Love

50 Fall Crafts for Kids - The beauty of fall inspires these fun DIY crafts. Mother nature provides lots of the supplies to bring these projects to life.

customFFMFall is one of my favorite times. With the beautiful fall colors, pleasant weather, and the holidays just around the corner, there is so much to love about this time of year. It is also an ideal time to get creative and crafty, and with a few fall craft ideas, you’ll be able to get started in no time. Kids are especially creative, so I’ve compiled a list of fall crafts for kids that will spark their imagination and get them excited about the season.

Here is a list of 50 Fall Crafts for Kids to inspire you and your littlest crafters.

DIY Fall Decorations

These DIY decorations are great fall crafts for kids (even as young as preschool) that will help bring the season to your home.

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1. Faux Stained Glass Fall Leaves: Let the sunshine illuminate these beautiful Faux Stained Glass Fall Leaves. You can download a couple of leaf templates for this fall craft here.

2. Pine Cone Swag: Spruce up your front door with this colorful gathering of painted pine cones.

3. Personalized Table Runner: Welcome your dinner guests with this Personalized Table Runner.


4. Felt Garland: Take scraps of felt to make a pretty fall garland to add to your home decor.

5. Fall Hand Print Wreath: Grab some cute little hands to make this charming Fall Hand Print Wreath.

6. Faux Stained Glass Candy Corn: Even the littlest crafter can use colorful tissue paper to make this fall craft for kids. This is a great way to capture your baby, preschool, and toddler’s hands as they grow each year.

Beautiful Fall Trees

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7. Painted Puzzle Piece Tree: Who knew painted puzzle pieces and a brown paper sack would make such a beautiful fall tree?

8. Fall Tree: Repurpose old magazines by finding and cutting pages with fall colors to make a collage for your Fall Tree project.

9. Paper Bag Fall Tree: Take a twisted paper bag and some colorful paper and you have a simple, but impressive fall craft project.

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10. Paper Bag and Construction Paper Fall Tree: Here’s another great fall craft for preschoolers. Help trace their hands for the tree trunk on a brown paper bag, then let them glue on small pieces of colorful construction paper and tissue paper to finish off this project.

11. Fall Tree Preschool Craft: Grab a few empty Play Dough containers, paint, brown string, cardboard and glue and you can make this Fall Tree Preschool Craft.

12. Colored Button Fall Tree: Do you have extra buttons in pretty fall colors? Then you can make this imaginative Colored Button Fall Tree project.

13. Q-Tip Painted Fall Tree: There’s no need to buy paint brushes, just head to the bathroom to grab your Q-Tips and you and your kids (even preschoolers!) can create a charming, colorful fall tree.

Getting Crafty with Leaves

The brightly colored leaves are one of the first signals that fall is here, and these leaf-themed fall crafts for kids will let them make something crafty from the fall foliage.

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14. Animal Leaf Craft: Here’s one of the cutest uses of leaves in this Animal Leaf Craft.

15. Leafy Hedgehog: Making your own little Leafy Hedgehog is very easy, especially with this free template you can download.

16. Leaf Creatures: Look what you can do with creativity and beautiful fall leaves, make Leaf Creatures.

17. Fall Leaves Turkey Craft: Few things say fall better than leaves and turkey. Why not combine them in this Fall Leaves Turkey Craft?

18. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets: Do not throw out your toilet paper rolls, use them to make adorable Fall Leaf Finger Puppets.

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19. Autumn Leaf Bowls: Trace real leaves in clay to make these Autumn Leaf Bowls.

20. Falling Leaf Mobile: Bring the fall inside with this Falling Leaf Mobile.

21. Fall Foliage Picture Frame: Any picture would instantly look better in this Fall Foliage Picture Frame.

22. Fall Leaf Print: Here’s another easy fall craft for kids. Have the kids head outside to find their favorite leaves, then bring them inside and paint them to make this Fall Leaf Print.

6 (1)23. Leaf Creatures: Look what a few pairs of googly eyes and pretty fall leaves can create, Leaf Creatures. Then affix craft sticks so the kids can have fun playing with their new little friends.

24. Simple Harvest Crown: Name your child king or queen for the day with this Simple Harvest Crown.

25. Fig Leaf Wind Chime: With the use of real fig leaves and clay, you can create a beautiful Fig Leaf Wind Chime. You may want to add additional accessories like glass, metal or bells to make a lovely chiming sound.

26. Watercolor Leaves: Watercolor Leaves from the Discount Supply Store made this DIY project frugal and fun.


27. Painted Leaf Rubbing Mural: I remember this project as a child. Simply rub crayons over the leaves and then as a nice finishing touch you can use watered down food coloring to paint over the rubbings of this Leaf Rubbing Mural.

28. Salt Dough Leaf Prints: Artificial leaves come to life with the help of salt dough.

29. Paper Bag Owl Puppet: Here’s a fun fall craft idea that even the youngest crafters can enjoy. Grab a paper bag, construction paper, pipe cleaners, buttons, felt and a handful of leaves and you’ve got yourself a Paper Bag Owl Puppet.

Use the Best Supplies…Those from Mother Nature

Gourds, pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, and pinecones are all part of fall, and with these fall crafts for kids, your children can make something cute from items provided by mother nature.


30. Gorgeous Gourds: Head outside for supplies for this fall craft. Grab assorted gourds or ornamental pumpkins and for the trimmings look for pine needles, pine cones, leaves and seeds to make this Gorgeous Gourd.

31. Pumpkin Seed Fall Craft: Do not get rid of pumpkin seeds, keep them to make this simple Pumpkin Seed Fall Craft.

32. Sunflower Card: Brighten someone’s day with this Sunflower Card complete with real sunflower seeds in the center.

33. Pine cone Birds: What’s not to love about these Pine Cone Birds? Find a couple of pine cones and glue on googly eyes, small pom-poms for the feet and a triangle felt nose to make these little cuties.

34. Pine Cone People: What goes well with Pine Cone Birds? Pine Cone People of course! Make these little guys with two pine cones, googly eyes and acorns for the heads.


35. Acorn Toadstools: Just grab some paint and acorns with caps and you can have yourself a bunch of Acorn Toadstools.

36. Nature Journal with Twig Binding: If you have a nature lover in your life, consider making them this Nature Journal with Twig Binding.

37. Rock Stamps: Here’s a cool idea! Glue foam stickers on rocks and you can make yourself some pretty unique Rock Stamps.

38. Pine Cone Turkey: Here’s another great fall craft idea for preschoolers. Get them in the fall spirit with this Pine Cone Turkey craft.

39. Painted Pumpkin Seed Art: How impressive! Dye pumpkin seeds to make your own masterpiece.

Creative Food Crafts

Kids love making things out of food! And why not? They can make it — and eat it too! Here are some fall crafts for kids that combine food and creativity!

1040. Spooky Candy Tree: Good luck not eating the supplies. The yummy supplies to make this Spooky Candy Tree include licorice, graham crackers, frosting and candy corn.

41. Pretzel Trees: Make a pretty and delicious looking Pretzel Tree with the help of colorful tissue paper. I love projects where the leftover supplies can be eaten. :-)

42. Pilgrim Hat Cookies: Holy yumminess! These Piligram Hat Cookies look way too good to simply be displayed. I think it is a requirement they be eaten.

How Cute!

Even though Halloween is a spooky holiday, the entire fall season doesn’t have to be. These fall craft ideas for kids incorporate cuteness for some kid-friendly creativity.


43. Craft Stick Scarecrows: Turn boring craft sticks into a couple of charming Craft Stick Scarecrows with googly eyes and felt.

44. Paper Bag Scarecrow: This friendly scarecrow does not look too scary and thanks to this template it is easier than you may think.

45. Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask: Insert a cute face to finish off this Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask.

46. Paper Strip Pumpkin: Turn construction paper into a Paper Strip Pumpkin that would look great on any fall table setting.


47. Button Indian Corn Craft: Here’s another great use for colorful buttons. Glue them on this corn template to make this Button Indian Corn Craft.

48. Hand Print Hoot Owl: Trace around a couple of little hands on construction paper to make this Hand Print Hoot Owl.

49. Hand Print Owl Fall Craft: This adorable pair of owls are as easy to make as they are cute.

50. Paper Plate Owl: Paint a couple of paper plates brown then affix the eyes and beak for this simple project. Feel free to use this owl pattern to make this Paper Plate Owl fall craft even easier.

What are some of your favorite fall crafts for kids? Please share in the comments.