The 25 Best Preschool Halloween Crafts

25 Preschool Halloween Crafts (Good for Kindergarteners too!)


With my mom’s help, we have discovered 25 of the best preschool Halloween crafts.

One thing I have learned from compiling this list of Halloween crafts, thanks to Pinterest, I can never throw anything away again. Who knew the things you can make with a toilet paper roll (see #18), egg carton (see #19), and milk jug (see #24)?

Preschool Halloween Crafts: Perfect DIY Projects for the Littlest Crafters

These crafts may require minimal skill making them, perfect for your preschooler or kindergartener, but they are big on fun.

1-4 Preschool Halloween Crafts

1. Tissue Paper Pumpkin: My 17 month old son would love this preschool Halloween craft! Gluing tissue paper on a plate is something he can handle, as long as I can prevent him from eating the tissue paper. :-)

2. Tissue Paper Candy Corn: Why not let your kids indulge in this Halloween craft? They won’t get any cavities with this Halloween treat.

3. Jack-O-Lantern Face: Here’s another easy preschool Halloween craft that is perfect for little hands. After you make a jack-o-lantern template, grab some orange paint and a brush and let your little one have fun.

4. Footprint Ghost: Got a foot? Then grab some white and black paint, a brush, and black construction and you can make this Halloween DIY craft with your preschool or kindergarten student.

5-9 Preschool Halloween Crafts

5. Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin: Don’t throw out those pumpkin seeds. Glue painted pumpkin seeds onto paper to make this DIY Halloween craft.

6. Paper Roll Pumpkin: Thank goodness for construction paper! Some of the best preschool Halloween crafts would not be half as much fun or adorable without it. Here’s a great use of construction paper to make a Paper Roll Pumpkin.

7. Paper Plate Jack-o-Lantern: Hand your little one an orange washable crayon and a paper plate and let them go to town. Then add on a  few additional facial features like the eyes, nose and mouth and attach a popsicle or craft stick and you have a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern.

8. Hand Print Spider Puppets: Transform cute little hands into spider puppets. Watch the DIY video here.

9. Hand Print Ghosts: If you have two little hands that love to dip in paint, you can make some pretty adorable Hand Print Ghosts.

Spooky or Creepy Crawly Creations

10-12 Preschool Halloween Crafts

10. Q-Tip Skeleton: Make this preschool Halloween craft with items you have around the house, Q-Tips, glue and construction paper. If you want to jazz up your skeleton, toss in a little ribbon like they did here.

11. Spooky Spider: Here’s a Spooky Spider I will welcome in my house.

12. Pipe Cleaner Spider: If you have black pipe cleaners then you can make yourself a family of spiders. This DIY project would make great Halloween decorations.

13-16 Preschool Halloween Crafts13. Paper Plate Spider: This Paper Plate Spider may look like it is merely a cute Halloween decoration, but nope, they are functional as well. You can put Halloween treats inside.

14. Witch Halloween Countdown: Here’s a fun way to countdown the days to Halloween, with a Witch Halloween Countdown. Remove a construction paper chain for each day until Happy Halloween!

15. Marshmallow Skull: As long as your little crafter does not eat all of the crafting supplies, you can make a pretty cool looking Marshmallow Skull.

16. Paper Plate Spider Web: Here’s an inexpensive but highly impressive Halloween craft. Take a white paper plate and string and you can create a Paper Plate Spider Web.

17-20 Preschool Halloween Crafts17. Paper Bag Monsters: Turn a boring paper bag into a scary monster with the help of construction paper and creativity.

18. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters: Reuse toilet paper rolls to make some cute little monsters. Just add in a few decorating items and a dose of creativity and you have Toilet Paper Roll Monsters.

19. Egg Carton Bat: Before you toss that egg carton away, consider painting it black and attaching a pair of googly eyes to make a fun and very creative DIY Halloween craft, an Egg Carton Bat.

20. Fluffy Ghost: You can create a spooky flying ghost with the help of construction paper, cotton and glue.

How Cute

21-25 Preschool Halloween Crafts

21. Spooky Snack Pals: These Spooky Snack Pals are way cuter than a standard gift bag. They make any Halloween treat look extra fun and festive.

22. Paper Plate Jack-o-Lantern: Create your own impressive jack-o-lantern with construction paper or foam sheets, a pipe cleaner, ribbon, and a paper plate.

23. Jack-o-Lantern Treat Bag: After your little crafter makes this Jack-o-Lantern Treat Bag, go ahead and load it up with Halloween goodies.

24. Glowing Milk Jug Ghosts: Hold onto those milk jugs! Who knew they would make such cute Glowing Milk Jug Ghosts?

25. Peek-a-BOO Ghost: What a cute idea! Here’s a simple yet creative Peek-a-BOO Ghost craft that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Do you have any favorite preschool Halloween crafts? What’s your preschool or kindergarten student’s favorite? Please share in the comments.