The 3 Best Freebie Sites

The 3 best freebie sites


The 3 Best Freebie Sites

As the Freebie Finding Mom, I get asked on a regular basis “How do you manage to find all those freebies?” Well, I’m psychic (no, just kidding – although as a mom I do have eyes in the back of my head). The answer is that over time I have accumulated several sites I reference multiple times each day to find the hottest deals and best freebies. Here are the three best freebie sites.

Best Freebie Site #1: Slick Deals

One of my top resources is freebie and deal forums; my favorite of these forums is Slick Deals. I’m fond of forums because they’re an efficient way to discover the latest and greatest freebies and deals packaged in one user-friendly place. Plus, forums tend to be updated frequently which helps them stand out as one of the best freebie sites. The only real downside is that the offers on forums are provided by “real” people, so you will occasionally encounter spam or offers that aren’t good.

That’s one of the advantages of using Slick Deals though; they allow you to comment on the reputation of the person who provided the offer and designate whether you approve of it. This is great for reducing the frequency of illegitimate offers. However, I recommend always keeping in mind the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” – this applies to freebies too!

Another reason I really like Slick Deals is they allow you to see how popular an offer is (they show how many people have viewed it). You can also post comments on an offer, and these comments tend to provide tons of beneficial information that help clarify the freebie.

Best Freebie Site #2: Freeflys

Another one of the best freebie sites (in my opinion) is Freeflys. This site proudly sports the motto “Cheap is good…FREE is better!” I couldn’t agree more! The site focuses largely on free samples and uses a simple layout to provide relevant, timely freebies.  Freeflys is well organized and easy to navigate with categories such as:

  • Food samples
  • Beauty samples
  • Children samples
  • Health samples

This definitely warrants including Freeflys in a list of the best freebie sites.

Best Freebie Site #3: Freebie Finding Mom

Last (but not least!), to make my list of the best freebie sites complete, is Freebie Finding Mom. Okay, so I’m totally biased, but let me explain…. Similar to Slick Deals and Freeflys, Freebie Finding Mom aims to provide the best freebies in a timely manner. On Freebie Finding Mom, each freebie is vetted by yours truly, so you never have to worry about spam, illegitimate offers, or deals with strings attached. In addition, users don’t have to jump through any hoops (such as creating an account) to gain access to the deals and steals the site offers.

In contrast to the other two sites on the list, I try to toss in a little humor when appropriate and provide my personal thoughts on offers so that you get to know me and understand that just like you – I love to save money! I believe grabbing the best freebie should be fun and easy. I love it when my followers are so super pumped about a freebie they scored that they have to share it with me.

Every day (even weekends – I know, I know, I’m a little obsessed with free stuff), I share the best freebies and even designate a freebie of the day that I want to ensure my followers do not miss. This is what I think makes Freebie Finding Mom one of the best freebie sites.

I hope you will join in on the fun and consider checking out my site plus the two others on the list to make the rounds of the best freebie sites on the web and get your freebie fix.

Please share what you think are the best freebie sites in the comments.