This study planner printable, combined with the tips I'll share, is the secret weapon you need to jump to the head of the class.

I'm looking for  a study planner to help me stay on top of all of my classes.


You've come to the right place!

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The idea with study planners  is that you create a plan for studying, such as reviewing notes or flashcards, reading & taking notes, or solving practice problems.

There are many reasons I prefer a printable to a study planner online or app, but the biggest one is that there are fewer distractions.

Another advantage of a printable vs. a study planner online is that you don't have to have cell service or Internet access.

Plus, some studies have shown that when you write things by hand you're more likely to retain the information.

A Cornell study: "Your study schedule should not just be about studying! Plan a schedule of balanced activities."

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