If your kid is ready to learn the ABCs and start building pre-reading skills, you can't go wrong with these printable letter flashcards!

I'm looking for indoor activities with an educational twist.


You've come to the right place!

Freebie Finding Mom

Choose from two different sets of upper & lowercase letter flashcards, pre-colored and black and white.

Why do I prefer one of these letter flashcards PDF downloads to letter flashcards apps? One reason is too much screen time may be unhealthy for young children.

There are 26 letter flashcards in each set, one for each letter of the alphabet with a cute baby animal that starts with that letter!

Aside from the extra dose of cuteness, the animals will help your kid associate each letter with an actual thing, so they are more likely to remember those ABCs!

Building familiarity with the ABCs and pre-reading skills aren't the only cognitive and mental benefits of using letter flashcards.

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