CHART   1-100


Help your child learn his or her 123s with this free printable number chart  1-100 for kids!

It's great for teaching basic counting, number recognition skills, and much more.

This printable number chart to 100 is free, simple, and versatile.

With just a  smidge of creativity you can invent a variety of entertaining and interactive activities that will educate your  child!

However, this number chart for kids can also simply serve as a reference guide.

If your child  has moved beyond tracing & is now attempting to write numbers free-hand, having this simple number chart up to 100 can be a useful visual reference.

If you're using  this as a number chart for kindergarten or preschool, you may not want to use the whole number chart to 100.

Instead, consider taking this printable and cutting it into strips.

This colorful  number chart for kindergarten or preschool is identical to the first number chart 1-100 in terms of structure. It simply offers a more vibrant appearance  that may be more appealing.

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