letter recognition worksheets

These 52 frugal (not free) printable letter recognition worksheets are an easy and effective, fun and frugal way to reinforce the ABCs in your child's mind.

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While the alphabet song can help your child learn the order of the ABCs, it really does not help him or her build visual association and recognition.

The frugal (not free)  printable letter recognition worksheets are designed to help your child begin associating the names of letters with their visual representation.

There are 52 separate sheets, one for each letter of the alphabet, in both upper and lowercase form.

To help your kid grasp that there are two different versions of each letter, have him or her do the upper and lowercase worksheet for each letter back to back.

The letter recognition worksheets are part of the 116-page letter worksheets bundle, which includes a HUGE variety of tools geared toward helping your child master the alphabet.

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