Behavior Chart



An age appropriate behavior chart for kids can be an easy and highly effective way to motivate positive behaviors in your kid.

Write down behaviors that you would like your kid to demonstrate on the behavior chart template.

Whenever your child engages in those behaviors you add a sticker or mark to a box on the chart.

When your  child fills up all the boxes on the good behavior chart he or she earns a pre-determined reward.

The printable in this post  can serve as a classroom behavior chart or a behavior chart for home.

Regardless of where it's being used, there are multiple benefits to using a child or toddler behavior chart!

According to, "Focusing on positive behaviors is more effective than focusing on negative behaviors ... ."

There is space to write up to seven different behaviors as well as fields for the child's name, reward he or she is working toward, and an overall goal.

What specific behaviors and how many you put on this behavior chart for kids will depend on several factors: Location, Age and Difficulty Level

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