These matching shapes worksheets will help your kid learn his or her shapes & allow you to take advantage of all of the cognitive benefits of matching  activities.

Choose from three separate types of fun worksheets, which feel more like shape matching games than homework!

Matching  activities can improve visual memory, build attention to detail, help build categorization skills & improve concentration.

Plus, they can help your child build familiarity with whatever concept the matching activity focuses on.

So, for example,  if the matching activity centers around shapes , they'll help your child become more familiar with shapes.

If your child is  just getting acquainted with the concept of shapes, set him or her up for success by using an easy shape matching game or worksheet.

In this shape matching printable your child must match 2D shapes to real-life examples of that shape.

What I love about this worksheet is it gets your kid thinking about how shapes are everywhere!

The last of the matching shapes worksheets is the most difficult. In this printable, your child must match the visual representation of each shape to it's spelled out name.

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