Fall is in the  air! And it can be in your home with the help of these printable fall leaves coloring pages. Choose from 4 options!

Coloring  is a great way to unwind.

It's fun, creative, frugal, low-stakes, and actually proven to have mental benefits like reducing stress and anxiety.

And that goes for adults and kids!

Plus, unlike many other ways to relax, this one is guilt free—there are no screens, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol.

You can also  use these printables to guide you in creating your very own custom fall leaves drawings. Here's how:

1. Download one of these free fall coloring pages

2. Place a thin-ish piece of paper over top. You want to be able to see the fall leaves drawing through your top sheet of paper.

3. Trace the leaves you wish to replicate! Keep tracing, over and over, until you start to build up muscle memory. Yep, it's as easy as that! :)

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