3 Free Printable Happy Thanksgiving Cards

When you think about giving cards to friends, family, and those you care about, Thanksgiving is probably not the first occasion that comes to mind. 

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. And a great way to give thanks for the good people in your life is by telling them in Thanksgiving card messages!

A written message of gratitude is something the recipient can reflect on and cherish for years to come.

Here are three printable Thanksgiving card ideas available in both a pre-colored and colorable versions. 

If you have time (or little hands to help you!), opt for the colorable happy Thanksgiving cards. 

The time you spend coloring them and the thought you put into it will make those free Thanksgiving cards all the sweeter.

Coloring can reduce stress and anxiety. In other words, it's a fun, frugal, and guilt-free way to unwind during the holiday season!

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