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Feel Empowered and Motivated

"Housecleaning can sometimes be very overwhelming. The simple checklists in the Ultimate Cleaning Checklist Bundle offers simple steps and actions to help get through the overwhelm. I found the checklists to be super helpful."
- Lynn


"I was looking for a printable cleaning checklist for our teens to keep track of their household chores. The search is over! I love how thorough this is giving us both the micro and macro view. Our children love checklists so the format is perfect to motivate them. And I also love the vibrant colors, too! Thank you!"

- Carlie


"LOVE IT! A++++++++++++++++++. I hate cleaning, but this bundle helps get me motivated!"
- Jenny


About the Creator

I’m Kelli, the owner of Freebie Finding Mom, and I’m SO glad you are here! I created the Ultimate Cleaning Bundle because as a busy mom I felt like you.

I felt overwhelmed with housework, frequently lacked motivation, and I needed a way to hold myself accountable to keep my house clean.


Will anything be shipped?

No, this is a printable download that you’ll receive immediately.

Is this a scam?

Nope, it’s legit. 😊 I’m a mom whose been there, so I created a set of cleaning checklists and schedules that you can customize to fit your needs.

What comes in the bundle?

I’m glad you asked. 😉

Get The Cleaning Bundle

Your 29-page cleaning checklist bundle provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checklists in addition to spring cleaning and seasonal checklists in a variety of formats. You’ll also receive planning worksheets by room that allow you to list specific tasks for each room in your home and the frequency in which they need to be completed.

Your Bonuses

This easy to use 2-page monthly cleaning schedule provides a framework for your cleaning routine. Each day specific tasks are listed which are organized by room type.

Choose from a daily cleaning schedule that has common household chores listed or use the blank version and customize it to fit your needs.

This helpful printable provides a snapshot of your weekly cleaning tasks. Choose from a version which has specific tasks listed for every day or the blank version that you can customize.



Easy-to-Use Checklists That Work for YOU

Eliminate the stress and overwhelm associated with keeping your house clean.

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