Three of the Best 4th of July Travel Deals and Tips

picture of fireworks to promote article titled, "Three of the Best 4th of July Travel Deals and Tips"Three of the Best 4th of July Travel Deals and Tips

Planning to travel this summer? There are lots of 4th of July travel deals to consider if you’re planning a trip during the summer break. Here are some tips for travelling frugally this 4th of July.

Save Money on Gas Tips:

Get the best deals on gas when you’re traveling for the 4th of July! The Federal Trade Commission offers tips to save money on gas by focusing on how you fuel, drive and maintain your car. One of their recommendations for saving money at the pump is to use specialized phone apps and websites. A very popular, highly rated app is which helps you find cheap gas wherever you are. While you are on the road you can find the best price for gas. You can also locate gas stations and find their current gas prices. Plus you can earn points for a chance to win free gas cards for every gas price you report. Download this free app here.

Before you hit the road, make sure you have taken your car in for servicing to check important items such as tuning your engine according to the owner’s manual, keeping your tires properly inflated and aligned, and using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil to help save money on gas.

In addition to leveraging these fuel and maintenance tips, you can get the most mileage out of your gas purchases by following the helpful driving tips found here as well.

Save Money on Airfare Tips:

If flying is your transportation of choice for this Fourth of July holiday, ABC News recommends you shop around to snag 4th of July travel deals. Check out sites like Hipmunk to help compare travel deals on top sites. This highly rated airline travel site has been named the “best travel site on the Web” by Forbes. ABC News also advises you to sign up to, so you will receive alerts if the rate falls before you book.

Another key tip for getting the best deals on 4th of July travel is to be flexible with your travel date and search for nearby airports. Moving your travel date a day or two or selecting an airport near your first choice can result in big money savings. Though it is important to be flexible with regards to the timing of your trip and airport choice, you want be rigid with the day of the week you book your trip. Yep, it is reported that airfare prices are lowest on Tuesday afternoon. Apparently airlines release their sale fares on Tuesdays at 3 p.m., so you will need to be quick to score a hot deal on airfare because other bargain hunters will be on prowl as well.

A final tip to save money on airfare is to consider booking your tickets with the airlines directly. ABC News reports that “Airlines often pay a $10 to $15 commission on flights that are booked through a discount site. Because of this, airlines often encourage customers to book through their official websites by offering incentives like promo codes and deals posted on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.” I personally have never booked a ticket directly with an airline, but I will definitely entertain this option for my next trip. ABC News also states that most airlines “will give you a refund if the price of your flight goes down after booking. You just have to call them.” I am lovin’ that!

Check out this video to see the ABC News report for tips to save money on airfare.

Save Money on Food Tips:

The key to saving money on food while on vacation is to plan ahead. If you are traveling by car this Fourth of July, map out your trip beforehand. This should include determining what restaurants are on the way to your destination and clipping coupons for those restaurants to save your family money.  While you are at it, be sure to clip coupons for restaurants you expect to dine at when you reach your destination.

If you really want to maximize your family’s savings, pack as many meals as possible for the road trip. Since eating at restaurants can be expensive (even with coupons) I highly recommend shopping at a nearby grocery store and eating in as often as possible. Even if that grocery store chain is not located near you, go ahead and sign up for their loyalty card program to save even more money on food. This is exactly what my family did on our trip to Kauai. There was a Safeway store across the street from our condo and since there are no Safeway stores near my home, I was not a member of their loyalty program. I went ahead and signed up and for that week we frequented the store several times and each time I used my new Safeway Club Card to save my family even more money. I tell my husband I am holding onto my Safeway Club Card, so we have to go back to Kauai again (though I know they have over 1,600 stores). :-)