Starbucks College Achievement Plan Awards Free College Tuition to Starbucks Employees

starbuckscollegeAs someone who graduated from college with thousands of dollars in student loan debt, I am thrilled to share this awesome new freebie from Starbucks! They are giving their employees FREE money for college through their new Starbucks College Achievement Plan! That’s right, Starbucks employees who work at least 20 hours a week will be eligible to receive full tuition reimbursement if they enroll in Arizona State University’s online program as juniors and seniors. If they enroll as freshmen or sophomores they will be able to apply for scholarships worth $6,500, on average into ASU’s online program. There are more than 40 online undergraduate programs to choose from.

Way to go Starbucks! What a smart idea to invest in the kids of our future and get them started on the right foot without a hefty amount of debt.

Thanks, USAToday!


  1. MJ Dee says

    I was so happy to read this! What a smart company…now they’ll attract the best and the most ambitious, which means better service and increased revenue for them. Very good move!!

  2. Denise De Robles says

    What an amazing opportunity. Starbuck employee already receive benefits and now they get an education too!! I love Starbucks!!

  3. Jennifer Hatfield says

    I think this is brilliant, it will gain better employees for the company & encourage better workers.

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