Savings Chart – Ways to Save Money: Papa John’s Pizza Coupon Code

Savings Chart Update Week 49: Redeemed 50% Off Papa John’s Pizza Online Coupon Code = $9.00 in Savings

This past Wednesday was a pizza night in our house. After someone ripping the front of my car off in a car accident I was in no mood to make dinner and no one (including myself was in the mood for leftovers), so Papa John’s to the rescue. Within 30 minutes we had a piping hot yummy pizza to indulge in and as an added bonus I didn’t have a sink of dishes to clean afterward. Hooray!

Given the day’s events and my energy level I will admit this was one of the rare occasions I didn’t care if I had a coupon or not but lucky for me I did! :-) I headed straight to my Papa John’s coupons post and grabbed a 50% off coupon code to use for our order. Even when I am massively stressed and exhausted I still love to save money!

This week’s savings brings my annual savings chart total to $4,669.51. Head over here to check out my Week 1-48 savings chart entries. I encourage you to join me in recording your weekly savings with this free printable savings chart. It is fun to track how much money you can save by making simple, smart money decisions.

Do you use Papa John’s coupons? What are your favorite places to order dinner from? Share in the comments.

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