Free Personal Budget Template Printables

Free Personal Budget Templates - Free printable templates for budgeting household expenses and event planning.


Get Your Finances On Track With These FREE Personal Budget Template Printables

In theory, it may seem easier to stay on track financially when you’re single. After all, you’re only looking after yourself and there should be fewer expenses. Right? Not necessarily. First, there are plenty of expenses that come with being an individual – student loans anyone? Plus, when its just you there is typically only one source of income to cover those expenses. Second, when it’s just you, you have to be good at the finance stuff – there’s no spouse to pass it off on. If you’re struggling with your finances or just want to meet savings goals or get a better understanding of your expenses and income, try a personal budget. Below are two free personal budget templates to get you started.

The first personal budget template is pretty straightforward and simple. Bonus, it’s available as a printable PDF and an Excel spreadsheet. This means you can print the document and keep it in plain view such as on your refrigerator or keep it stored electronically. If you’re using the electronic file you can make small adjustments so the budget is customized to your personal circumstances.

This personal budget template offers fields for you to record:

  • Savings goals
  • Monthly income
  • Bills
  • Bill due dates
  • Bill paid dates
  • Total income
  • Total expenses

To get started, list all of your expenses (bills) on this budget. Think hard – don’t leave anything off! Did you remember your:

Cell phone bill
Cable bill
Internet bill
Car insurance
Health insurance
Renters or home owners insurance
Student loans
Car payment
Electricity bill
Gas bill
Water bill

Also write down the due date for each bill/expense. Doing so will help you not only get a firm grasp on your expenses but also prevent those times, late at night, where you suddenly wake up and wonder “What day is it? When is my car payment due again?”.

The second personal budget template is specifically for events. It can be used for everything from big events like weddings to small gatherings like intimate dinners with friends. This template not only helps you stay on budget but it also helps you stay organized by serving as a to-do list. The fields include lines for:

  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Stationary (ex. invitations)

Next to each of these fields, there is a column for you to list the estimated cost and a column for you to list the actual cost. Treat this like a game. Strive to come in at or below the estimated cost. Note the actual cost in green if you stay at or below the estimated cost and in red if you go over. Being competitive (even just with yourself) can help you stay motivated to stick to your budget.

Use these two personal budget templates to take control of your finances. Empower yourself to conquer your expenses.

If you’re single, are there any other specific personal budget templates that could help you in your quest for financial security? If so, leave a comment below and let me know.


  1. Barbara says

    Hi, I just found this web site. I have been looking for a template to use as a monthly personal budget.
    I love the simplicity of your’s, but I can not type on them as a pdf. I want to do it online. If you do not allow that can you tell me a place to get a budget template that I can use online?
    Thank you so much. I love your web site. Sincerely, Barbara

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