Coupon Clipping Services – A Busy Mom’s Secret Weapon

Coupon clipping services - A busy mom's secret weapon


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Coupon Clipping Services – A Busy Mom’s Secret Weapon

Do you envy extreme couponers who get great products at great prices? Do you marvel at the way they save their families big bucks? When you see it on television or first hear about it, couponing seems like a great and easy way to save some money. In fact, you may ask yourself why everyone isn’t couponing. However, with a closer look, you’ll probably come to realize that couponing isn’t quite as simple as it seems. In fact, it requires skills such as organization, patience, and (of course) a true passion for saving money. Couponing also requires time; in some cases, it requires a lot of time. Luckily, there is a bit of a short cut. Its a closely guarded secret of busy moms everywhere: use a coupon clipping service.

What is a coupon clipping service?

A coupon clipping service is essentially a website where you can buy specifically the coupons you need. Depending on the coupon you need, you’ll pay approximately $0.05 to $0.15. For just that small fee you get to avoid all the hassle of hunting for just the coupon you need and clipping it. Not a bad deal huh? Personally, I think its genius!

My favorite coupon clipping services

My two favorite coupon clipping services are Coupon Dede and The Coupon Carry-Out. There’s no membership fee or anything with either of these coupon clipping services, so whenever I’m preparing for a major grocery haul I just hop on one of my favorite sites and with a few keystrokes, order the coupons I need I only pay for what I use. Plus, I can get multiples of the same coupon if I know I’m going to be buying more than one of a product.

Why should you use a coupon clipping service?

At this point, you may be saying, “whoa, whoa, I thought the whole point of Freebie Finding Mom was to get stuff for free or at least at a steal” – you’re right; however, you have to remember that your time has a price tag on it too. Your time is valuable. The hour or two you spend clipping coupons could be spent on some other task like playing with your children, doing the actual grocery shopping, running other errands, or working. Spending a little bit of money in order to save a good deal of time is a great steal.

A few coupon clipping service cautions:

A few notes of caution though – be sure to double-check the expiration date when ordering coupons. Keep in mind that these are not printable coupons; you are actually ordering them so you’ll need to allow three to five days for delivery. In addition, there is typically a minimum order size which allows the seller to offset the cost of shipping. Minimum order sizes vary from site to site but you’re generally going to see it be $1.00.

No matter who you are, you can take advantage of the couponing craze. You can take the DIY approach and invest your time in clipping the coupons you need or you can outsource the task (use a coupon clipping service) and pay a small fee in order to get the coupons. Whichever route you go with, always keep in mind that if you’re buying something you don’t need – even if you have a coupon – you aren’t saving money!