Three Tips on How to Score Cheap (or Even Free) Candy for Halloween

Three tips on how to score cheap (or even free) candy for Halloween


How many ghosts and goblins come to your house for trick or treat? 50? 100? Now guess how many trick or treaters come to my house. On average we get about 650! This is no exaggeration, which is precisely why every year it is my mission to find cheap or even free candy for Halloween.

Shortly after when we moved to our house, a neighbor informed my husband and I that we can get as many as 700 trick or treaters. At first I thought that was completely absurd, until the first year I counted the number of pieces of candy that we handed out only to realize we did in fact have about 650 trick or treaters.

This is a complete departure from what I experienced growing up in a small town. On a good year, with great weather, we might get 100 kids for Halloween. My mom was always very generous when passing out Halloween treats, often giving each child two or three pieces and even making special Halloween treat bags for the neighborhood kids we knew. With as many as 700 kids knocking on our door, it is not financially feasible to be generous.

Allow me to share my three tips for scoring cheap or even free candy for Halloween.

Three Tips for Finding Cheap or Free Halloween Candy

Cheap/Free Candy Tip #1: My first tip is to shop after Halloween sales. As soon as your local neighborhood trick or treat takes place, stores slash prices on Halloween candy often more than 50%. Last year I went the morning after trick or treat and the selection was already hit pretty hard, so you will need to be quick. Don’t worry about buying candy so far ahead of time. Check the expiration date and you’ll see that it’ll be good well through next Halloween.

Cheap/Free Candy Tip #2: My second tip for stocking up on cheap or free candy is to start printing and clipping candy coupons now. Once the month of September starts, manufacturers begin increasing the quantity of candy coupons they distribute, so be on the lookout for these and snatch them up when you see them.

Cheap/Free Candy Tip #3: Finally, watch store ads. Do not limit your Halloween candy shopping to one store. Peruse ads from grocery stores, drug stores and big box retailers. You may be surprised to find some of the best deals on Halloween candy are not where you typically shop.

With my tips and a little hard work, you can should be able to acquire a nice stash of cheap or even free candy for Halloween without breaking the bank.

Happy Halloween!

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