Freebie: Back to School Checklist

Free Printable Back to School Checklist - Get the kids ready to head back to school without all the last minute rushing thanks to this back to school checklist.


Freebie: Back to School Checklist

With this back to school checklist, you can make sure your kids are ready to head back to school without all the last minute rushing! Just go through this back to school checklist week by week in the month before school starts and you’ll be ready to go on day one! Oh, and for an added convenience you can download this Free Printable Back to School Checklist to reference as you finish your tasks.

1 month before school starts

Out with the old, in with the new

Sort through your kids’ old clothes and either hand down, donate or purge.

In the words of Doc McStuffins, “Time for your check up”

Schedule any necessary physicals or required immunizations

Let’s get on the same page

Grab your planner (paper or digital) and record the entire school year’s activities for each child
Sign your kids up for fall sports and after-school activities

Do you have your homework?

Check the progress of your kids’ summer reading lists and any other school homework expected to be completed during the summer

3 Weeks Before School Starts

Let’s Go Back to School Shopping

Purchase back-to-school clothes, backpacks, lunchboxes, supplies, water bottles
Regularly visit sites like for the best back-to-school freebies and deals to save money
No need to buy inexpensive shirts for art class, gather your hubby’s old ones
Do any bulk shopping for non-perishable items like napkins, sandwich bags, and tissues

Let’s get organized

Designate a basket or crate near the door for each child to store his/her belongings (books, hats, gloves, sports equipment)
Get your babysitter schedule set up and if applicable, carpool arrangements
Schedule kids’ haircuts
Make a favorite foods list for each child and designate if it is for lunch, snacks or dinner

1 Week Before School Starts

Combat bedtime battles

Ease your kids back into their school bedtime routine. Considering putting them to bed ten minutes earlier each night till they reach the desired bedtime

What’s for dinner?

Make a meal plan for the first week of school and a corresponding grocery list that includes the necessary items in addition to the favorite foods you previously identified

Last minute shopping

Go grocery shopping
Purchase batteries and make sure the camera is charged

Fun summer activity for kids

Make DIY back to school teacher gifts, head over here for inspiration

Night Before School Starts

Prepare lunches and snacks for first day of school
Pack supplies in backpacks
Lay out clothes for first day of school
Set alarms

First Day of School-Have Fun!

Take pictures, put on a brave face (that includes you too mom) and make memories I hope this back to school checklist has helped you prepare your kids for school. Have a great year!

Thanks, Mom Agenda!