25 Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts – Check Out All the Ways to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey!

25 Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

customFFMIf you are looking for ways to keep the kids busy and having fun, consider getting them in the holiday spirit with these 25 Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts. You will discover a myriad of ways to make a Thanksgiving turkey, creative food crafts and more! Hopefully these 25 Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts inspire you and your little crafters.

Thanksgiving Turkeys, Turkeys and More Turkeys

Use fun, everyday items and and turn them into preschool Thanksgiving crafts!

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 1-61. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey: Wait, don’t toss that old toilet paper roll, turn it into a cute little turkey.

2. Thankful Turkey: This Thankful Turkey craft not only encourages the kids to get crafty for the holiday, but it reminds them what it is all about. Help the kids write on the feathers what they are thankful for this season.

3. Thanksgiving Turkey Apron: No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without a chef wearing a festive Thanksgiving Turkey Apron. Plus, aprons make great preschool Thanksgiving crafts that you can cherish year after year.

4. Hand Print Turkey: Place little hands in paint to make this adorable Hand Print Turkey.

5. Popsicle Stick Turkey Thanksgiving Craft Centerpiece: Every Thanksgiving table needs a Popsicle Stick Turkey as its centerpiece. Wrap a styrofoam ball with yarn, cut a head out of scrap book paper, and paint popsicle sticks in fun colors to make yours.

6. Pine Cone Turkey: Have the kids head outside and collect pine cones to make their Pine Cone Turkeys. Make this craft even easier with this free template.

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 7-97. Handmade Turkey Hairbow: Make Handmade Turkey Hairbows for the little girl who likes to be perfectly accessorized for the holiday.

8. Stryofoam Cup Pilgrim Turkeys: These Pilgrim Turkeys are so cute! With the help of a hot glue gun, this Preschool Thanksgiving craft is easier than you may think. Go here to download the Pilgrim Turkey Hat template.

9. Candy Filled Turkey with Hand Print Tail: Fill baby food jars with candy and borrow a little hand for the tail and you have a super cute turkey that would make a great party favor for guests.

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 10-1210. Fall Leaf Turkey: Mother Nature provides most of the supplies for this Fall Leaf Turkey craft. I love fun but frugal DIY projects.

11. M&M Turkey Party Favors: Here’s another adorable Thanksgiving party favor idea. Grab brown netting, a few pipe cleaners, a pair of googly eyes, glue dots, scissors, small rubber bands and a bag of M&M candies and you have the essentials for these M&M Turkey Party Favors.

12. Tissue Paper Turkey: Download this turkey printable then glue on crumbled tissue paper to make this little guy. This is a fun Thankgsiving craft that even my 18 month old can enjoy. He loves destroying, I mean, crumbling up things. :-)

More DIY Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

Cardboard tubes, construction paper, paint, glue, felt, and other common craft items can be turned into creative and fun preschool Thanksgiving crafts!

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 13-1513. Cardboard Tube Pilgrims and Indians: Here’s yet another use for those old toilet paper rolls (check out #1), turn them into Cardboard Tube Pilgrims and Indians.

14. Construction Paper Cornucopia: Get creative with construction paper to make this beautiful Cornucopia.

15. Super Easy Corn Craft: After your little crafter makes this Super Easy Corn Craft, go ahead and proudly display it on your door.

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 16-1816. Pilgrim Hat: Transform a Terra Cotta Clay Pot into a sharp looking Pilgrim Hat.

17. Thanksgiving Paper Bag Puppets: Let the kids have fun making themselves a couple of new friends,Thanksgiving Paper Bag Puppets.

18. Easy to Make Tepees: Here is a very simple preschool Thanksgiving craft. Easily transform a couple of paper plates into a tepee village.

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 19-2119. Clay Pot Scarecrow: Check out this cute little guy. Paint a clay pot for the body and then get creative with felt, raffia, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies to finish off your scarecrow.

20. I Am Thankful Hand Print Tree:  Trace little hands and then help them record what they are thankful for. What a touching way to appreciate the holiday. This preschool Thanksgiving craft idea is also a perfect grandparent gift!

21. Corn Collage: If you can prevent little crafters from eating the main supply, popcorn, these corn collages make great preschool Thanksgiving crafts. Go here to download the corn collage template for added ease.

Creative Food Crafts

Let’s face it, food is a big part of Thanksgiving, and with these food themed preschool Thanksgiving crafts, your preschooler can add their own festive side dish to the table!

preschool Thanksgiving crafts 22-2522. Piligrim Hat Cookies: If you are not especially crafty, I assure you, you can at least make these Pilgrim Hat Cookies. Besides, aren’t some of the best crafts, those you can eat? :-)

23. Oreo Cookie Turkey: With a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup body, Whopper head, Candy Corn feathers, what’s not to love about this Oreo Cookie Turkey?

24. Easy Nutter Butter Cookie Turkey: You’ll need to raid the candy store to make this little gobbler. He requires jelly beans, candy corn, Reese cups, M&Ms Minis, Nutter Butter Cookies, and Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, but he’s so worth it!

25. Indian Corn Treats: What a creative use of food! Turn puffed corn cereal into impressive and delicious Indian Corn Treats.

Can you suggest other Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts? Please share in the comments.