25 DIY Fall Decorations – Happy Fall!

25 DIY Fall Decorations - Grab your hot glue gun because these DIY fall decorations are sure to inspire you.


If you have your hot glue gun ready, but are unsure of what fall decor creation to partake, check out these 25 DIY Fall Decorations. For additional inspiration, head over here to view 25 beautiful DIY Fall Wreaths. Happy Fall!

DIY Fall Decorations: Centerpieces

These DIY fall decorations are great adornments for your table that you can make yourself!

1-3 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

1. Fall Centerpiece with Matching Napkin Holders: This centerpiece says “fall” beautifully with its twigs, berries, potpourri, and candle center then finished off with a cute orange bow. With any extra orange ribbon, consider making matching napkin holders to complete your table setting.

2. Candy Corn Ombre Wine Bottle Centerpiece: Here’s a smart and environmentally friendly DIY fall decorations project. Do not toss out that empty wine bottle, with a little spray paint it makes a fun Candy Corn Ombre Wine Bottle Centerpiece.

3. Fall Candle Centerpiece: Wrap faux leaves around a hurricane that’s filled with berries then tie it off with string to make a rustic yet simple Fall Candle Centerpiece.

4-6 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

4. Fall Basket Centerpiece: Arrange pine cones, berries, small gourds, greenery and other fall decor items in three baskets of varying sizes and stack them. Then top your masterpiece off with a candle to make this Fall Basket Centerpiece.

5. Candles and Acorns Centerpiece: Simplicity at its best! Large hurricanes filled with a single candle and acorns to make a cozy, fall centerpiece.

6. Mini Pumpkin and Pine Cone Centerpiece: All the fixings of fall…pine cones, pine needles, mini pumpkins and gourds arranged in a wooden bowl accented with candles.

DIY Fall Decorations: Entry Way Inspiration

Bring the season to your doorstep with these DIY fall decorations for your entry way.

7-9 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

7. Mums, Hay Bales, Apple Adorned Wreath Fall Decor: There is so much to love about this fall entry way. From its apple adorned fall wreath, colorful mums, hay bales and corn stalks, this home says “welcome” to fall.

8. Fall Entry Way: Large pine cones, faux pumpkins, leaves and beautiful ribbon create this impressive Fall Entry Way.

9. Basket Door Ornament with Fall Decor: A basket filled door ornament surrounded by corn stalks, mums and a leaf garland complete this classic fall decor.

10-12 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

10. Pumpkins, Gourds, Colorful Wreath Fall Decor: A generous arrangement of pumpkins and gourds along with a pretty fall wreath make this home warm and welcoming.

11. Halloween Doorway: This home’s entry way is a beautiful blend of fall and Halloween decor. Guests are greeted with pumpkins, candles and leaves before reaching a cobweb accented table inside.

12. Pumpkin Lined Stairway, Scarecrow Fall Decor: With its pumpkin lined stairway leading to a scarecrow flanked with large corn stalks, this is a perfect picture of fall.

DIY Fall Decorations: Other Ideas

Looking for inspiration for DIY fall decorations that don’t fit the above categories? Read on!

13-16 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

13. Autumn Sign: Making this Autumn Sign is easier than you may think. Create the painting template with fonts from your computer then affix to an inexpensive wood board.

14. Pumpkin Ice Chest: I love this idea for a fall or Thanksgiving party! Simply cut a large pumpkin in half, remove the insides and load it up with ice to make this Pumpkin Ice Chest.

15. Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin: What a smart idea, it is no surprise it won the Country Living Pinterest Pumpkin contest! Transform canning jar rings into a cute pumpkin that would look great on any fall table setting.

16. Glittery Acorns: What would make acorns even more fun and festive? Glitter of course! Arrange them in a simple jar to make this DIY fall decoration. 

17-21 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

17. Rustic Fall Display: Fill a large bucket or tub with all the fall fixings including hay, Indian corn, pumpkins, twigs and berries to make this Rustic Fall Display.

18. “Give Thanks” Mantel and The Thankful Garland: This “Give Thanks” mantel display blends faux and real fall items including real moss, faux acorns, real Indian Corn, faux moss balls, real wheat and pumpkins and is then finished off with a Thankful Garland filled with leaves that contain what you are thankful for.

19. Wood Shavings Wreath and Buffet Vignette: Who knew wood shavings could make such a beautifully elegant wreath? Just glue wood shavings to a grapevine wreath to make this inexpensive DIY fall decoration.

20. Scrap Buster Fall Pillow: If you are handy with a sewing machine, consider using your scraps to make this Scrap Buster Fall Pillow.

21-25 of the 25 DIY Fall Decorations

21. Simple Fall Decor Arrangement: Several great Dollar Store finds made this Simple Fall Decor arrangement festive and frugal.

22. Apple Topiary: Grab a bunch of apples and skewer them onto a Styrofoam cone, add in clippings from a dogwood tree, place it in a barn board vase and wrap it up with a burlap ribbon to make this Apple Topiary.

23. Painted Pumpkins and Pumpkin Vases: Here’s a modern, fun approach to DIY fall decorating. Paint pumpkins in bright colors and place on cake plates or candle holders or consider using a painted white pumpkin as a flower vase for a unique arrangement.

24. Faux Leaves Mantle Display: Make this whimsical fall mantle display with faux leaves arranged in contemporary glass vases. Then fill hurricanes with nuts or acorns for the perfect complement.

25. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins: No need to pull out the sewing machine for this DIY fall decor idea. Simply wrap a roll of toilet paper in fabric and add a branch stem and a little raffia to make this Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin craft.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall? Do you have any DIY fall decorations to share?


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