Fun and Cheap Easter Gifts: 101 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Need creative Easter basket gift ideas? Here you go...101 fun and cheap Easter basket ideas that are sure to please any recipient from baby to teens.

customffmIt’s hard to believe but Easter is just around the corner. Go ahead, check your calendar. Yep, that’s right, April 5th.

While sugary sweets and fatty foods are favorites, this year, mix things up a bit. Fill your child’s Easter basket with healthy treats and fun-filled goodies that he or she is sure to enjoy. You’re sure to love them too when you see the price tag!

Here’s a quick index of Easter basket ideas for kids so you can jump right to your child’s age group!

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 0 Through 3
Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 4 Through 11
Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 12 Through Teens

In addition to these Easter basket ideas for kids, get your little one excited about the holidays by exercising their DIY skills! Be sure to follow my Easter Gifts, Crafts & Treats Pinterest board for inspiration and they’ll be having fun and feeling festive in no time!

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 0 Through 3

Easter basket ideas for kids 1-5

1. Pacifiers: If your little one is a fan of pacifiers, consider looking for one that is pastel colored or decorated with a spring theme (ex. butterfly) to put in his or her Easter basket.

2. Board Books: Nurture a love of reading in your child from an early age by putting a board book in his or her Easter basket this year. Bonus: these books are up to the challenge of withstanding the wear and tear of little hands!

3. Cute Stocks: Socks can be an adorable, useful, and inexpensive Easter basket filler. Trust me, you can find any kind of sock you can imagine for your little one from lacy dress socks to socks that look like shoes to socks that look like animals.

4. Bath Toys: If your chid is going a little stir crazy due to the winter weather bring some fun indoors with bath toys.

5. Rattles: A new rattle is sure to be appreciated by your child; however, after a couple of hours, you may be wishing the Easter bunny brought you some ear plugs!

Easter basket ideas for kids 6-10

6. Bibs: If your little one requires more wardrobe changes than a super model during Fashion Week, consider adding some stylish bibs to his or her Easter basket.

7. Teething Toys: Teething toys are a “must have” this spring if your child is teething. Trust me on this.

8. Sippy Cups: Your child will be proud to give up the bottle once he or she finds the really cool “big kid” sippy cup the Easter bunny left.

9. Burp Cloths: A set of spiffy burp cloths makes a nice addition to the Easter basket.

10. Spoon, Fork and Plate Sets: Got a picky eater on your hands? Does trying to get your child to eat remind you of Randy from “A Christmas Story”? If so, buy your child his or her own dinnerware to encourage a clean plate.

Easter basket ideas for kids 11-15

11. Bath Crayons: Add bath crayons to your little one’s Easter basket to encourage his or her artistic abilities while discouraging coloring on the walls of your house.

12. Comb and Brush Sets: A comb and brush set is an inexpensive Easter gift that encourages good grooming standards as well as helps develop independence.

13. Character Band-Aids: Cartoon character band-aids will definitely make any boo-boo feel all better.

14. Hair Barrettes and Bows: If there’s a little lady in your life, hair accessories can make a great Easter basket addition. After all, accessories can make or break an outfit right?

15. Stuffed Animals: This Easter, gift your child with a cuddly friend like a plush bunny, traditional teddy, or maybe something completely out of the box like a monkey.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 16-2116. Small Toys: Small toys like cars make entertaining and inexpensive Easter basket fillers.

17. Bubbles: Want a lot of bang for your buck? If so, bubbles are a great option. Before long, you’ll remember just how much fun bubbles can be.

18. Finger Puppets: In today’s high-tech world, the imagination has become almost obsolete. Encourage your child to indulge in some make believe fun with finger puppets.

19. Puzzles: Stave off cabin fever (and protect your sanity) by putting a puzzle or two in your little one’s Easter basket this year.

20. Coloring Books: Thinking about redecorating as part of your spring cleaning ritual? If so, add a coloring book to your child’s Easter basket and he or she will be happy to make some new pieces of art to hang on the walls.

21. Crayons or Markers: Crayons and markers go hand in hand with the coloring book mentioned above. However, remember this: washable. Trust me – you’ll regret buying any crayon or marker product without that word on it.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 22-2622. Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Promote good oral hygiene from a young age with a toothbrush and some special toothpaste courtesy of the Easter bunny.

23. Toothbrush Sanitizer: While your child may not exactly fall in love with a toothbrush sanitizer, it’s still an Easter basket worthy item. Plus, you can use all the help you can get fighting germs during cold and flu season.

24. Match Card Games: The weather may not be conducive to outdoor activities; however, don’t just sit your little one in front of the television. Instead, encourage learning and mental development with fun activities like matching games.

25. Flash Cards: Make learning the ABCs fun with animal flash cards.

26. Gerber Graduates: Instead of sugar filled sweets that will have your little one bouncing off the walls, add a delicious and nutritious treat like Gerber Graduates Strawberry and Apple Puffs to his or her Easter basket.

Easter basket ideas for kids 27-31

27. Cereal Cups: Another healthy but yummy option to include in your child’s Easter basket is a Cheerios cereal cup.

28. Washcloths: Purchase your little one his or her very own washcloths to use at bath time.

29. Fruit Snacks: If it’s a struggle to get your child to eat fruit, consider adding some fruit snacks to his or her Easter basket. However, make sure the fruit snacks you purchase contain real fruit and not just tons of sugar.

30. Balls: Consider adding toys that will keep your child active to his or her Easter basket this year.

31. Goldfish Crackers: If you’re looking for more edible Easter basket options, consider picking up some Goldfish. Just try not to eat them all yourself!

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 4 Through 11

Easter basket ideas for kids 32-36

32. Juice Boxes: Swap out sugary sodas for all natural 100% juice.

33. Kids Purses: If you’re little girl likes to accessorize or just carry a bunch of stuff around with her, consider a cute little purse for an Easter gift.

34. Play-Doh: Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination with the gift of Play-Doh.

35. Self-Inking Stamp Sets: If your little one is crafty then self-inking stamps can be a great addition to his or her Easter basket. However, I recommend supervision.

36. Novelty Erasers: With some fun erasers in hand, your child will be more than ready to head back to school after spring break in order to show them off to his or her classmates.

Easter basket ideas for kids 37-41

37. Jewelry: Any girl, no matter her age, would be happy to be gifted with some new jewelry (hint, hint to all you husbands out there – Mother’s Day isn’t that far away!).

38. Dress-Up Accessories: Encourage your daughter to use her imagination by adding some fun dress-up accessories to her Easter basket.

39. Nail Polish: Add a few fun colors of nail polish to your little girl’s Easter basket this year. She’ll have a blast giving herself and all her friends a manicure.

40. Nail Art Stickers: Top off that manicure with some fun nail stickers. These stickers come in a variety of colors, with and without glitter, and in a slew of beloved characters like Hello Kitty.

41. Slinky: Everyone loves a slinky – right? Introduce your child to a beloved classic this Easter.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 42-4742. Quick Milk Magic Straws: Convincing your child to finish his or her milk will be easy if you add these Quick Milk Magic Straws to the Easter basket.

43. Hot Wheels: Is your little man already a bit of a car enthusiast…or does he just like to make things go really fast? If the answer is yes, add some Hot Wheels to his Easter basket.

44. Night Lights: A night light is the perfect gift to ward off anything that goes bump in the night.

45. Stickers: Stickers make an inexpensive and versatile addition to any Easter basket. Your child can use them for crafts, decorating school folders and notebooks, and much more.

46. Silly Putty: Silly putty is a fun and simple Easter gift. No batteries required!

47. Sidewalk Chalk: This spring, while you clean up the outside of your house let your child help. He or she can spruce up the sidewalk and add to your curb appeal with some sidewalk chalk.

Easter basket ideas for kids 48-53

48. Pez: While cutting back on chocolate and candy is great, you don’t have to completely deprive your child of candy. Consider adding some Pez in a fun dispenser to your child’s Easter basket.

49. Art Supplies: For the budding artist, you can’t go wrong with art supplies.

50. Temporary Tattoos: If you’ve got a little rebel on your hands add some temporary tattoos to that Easter basket.

51. Hair Accessories: If you’re looking for a fun yet inexpensive gift for the princess in your life, consider some hair accessories. Hair accessories come in all sorts of styles and colors.

52. Bubble Bath: Make bath time an adventure with some bubble bath. Bonus: This gift can be used by mom as well to relax and unwind after the little ones are in bed.

53. Doll Craft Kits: If your child is turning into a regular DIY-er, consider a doll craft kit. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to put this together.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 54-5854. Small Notepads: Add some cute notepads like Mickey Mouse and Minnie to your child’s Easter basket. With these in hand he or she will be eager to get back to class and start taking notes!

55. My Little Pony Toys: If you live in the city, a real pony is probably out of the question; however, My Little Pony figurines are probably okay.

56. LEGO Mini Figures: LEGO Mini Figurines are a great addition to any LEGO sets your child already has.

57. Magnets: Add some fun magnets to your chid’s Easter basket so that he or she can proudly display school or art work on the fridge.

58. Barbie Outfits: Help outfit Barbie with the latest spring fashions this Easter.

Easter basket ideas for kids 59-63

59. Travel Games: If you’re going to be doing any traveling in the near future, consider adding a travel game to your little one’s Easter basket. These games are fun for the whole family and they help stave off the “Are we there yet?” questions.

60. Silly Straws: Silly straws can make any beverage fun and well, silly.

61. Puzzle Books: A puzzle book is an inexpensive Easter basket addition that will help your child stay sharp as a tack.

62. Sunglasses: Have your little one looking stylish with a pair of fun sunglasses.

63. Wooden Puzzles: If you’re looking for a way to keep your child entertained on cold or rainy spring days, consider a wooden puzzle as an Easter gift.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 64-68

64. Gardening Tool Set: Before you know it, it’ll be time to start planting flowers, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and gardening. Get your little one involved by adding a gardening tool set to his or her Easter basket.

65. Comic Books: Comic books can be a great way to encourage your child to fall in love with reading.

66. Sand Toys: Your child will be itching for warmer weather when he or she gets sand toys for Easter.

67. Card Games: Encourage family time by adding some card games to your child’s Easter basket.

68. Paper Dolls: If you have a little girl that loves to play with dolls, paper dolls would be a great Easter basket filler.

Easter basket ideas for kids 69-71

69. Yo-Yos: This Easter, go “old school” and get your child a Yo-Yo. Show him or her that something doesn’t have to high-tech to be fun.

70. Friendship Bracelet Kits: Craft kits like a friendship bracelet kit are sure to be a hit on Easter.

71. Glow Sticks: While it may seem a little silly to you, sometimes disposable gifts turn out to be the favorite. Add some glow sticks in fun colors to your child’s Easter basket and watch his or her eyes light up.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 12 Through Teens

Easter basket ideas for kids 72-76

72. Glitter Pens: Everything is better with bling right? Glitter pens make a fun, useful, and inexpensive Easter gift.

73. Watches: A watch can be a great Easter basket filler. Watches come in all kinds of designs so you’re sure to be able to find one your child will love.

74. Small Flashlights: If you want to get your child something useful for Easter, consider a small flashlight which can easily fit in a backpack or purse. Don’t worry, it isn’t all work and no play – your child will have a blast creating shadow puppets and goofing around with a flashlight.

75. Crazy Socks: For the child that likes to make a fashion statement add some funky footwear to the Easter basket.

76. Lip Gloss: If your little girl wants to wear makeup like mom, consider gifting her some lip gloss. Go with a lip gloss like Bonne Bell which is clear and smells (and tastes) great.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 77-81

77. Sugar Free Gum: If you want to get your child a sweet treat you don’t have to feel guilty about, consider putting some sugar free gum in his or her Easter basket.

78. Bookmarks: If your child has required reading time as homework, get him or her a digital bookmark for Easter. Digital bookmarks make tracking reading time a snap.

79. Small Photo Albums: If you’re looking for a fun gift for the Easter basket consider a photo album. You can pair it with a cheap disposable camera and the stickers mentioned perviously and your child will be entertained for hours snapping pictures, adding them to the album, and then decorating the album.

80. T-Shirt Graffiti Markers: Let your child play fashion designer and show of his or her individuality with t-shirt graffiti markers.

81. Locker Mirrors: If you’ve got a young lady in your life a locker mirror is probably on her wish list so that she can ensure she looks her best while dashing between classes.

Easter basket ideas for kids 82-86

82. Scented Body Sprays: Scented body sprays make an inexpensive Easter basket addition; however, you’ll probably want to tell your daughter not to go overboard spritzing everything.

83. Manicure Sets: Enjoy some mother daughter pampering without the price tag by adding a manicure set to your daughter’s Easter basket.

84. Picture Frames: Instead of sticking photos to the wall or worse yet putting holes in the wall, gift your child a decorative picture frame or two so that he or she can decorate his or her room.

85. Key Chains: Maybe a fun key chain that fits your child’s personality will help him or her hang on to those house keys. Hey, a mom can hope right?

86. Beef Jerky: If you’re looking for a high protein low sugar snack that your child will love add some beef jerky to his or her Easter basket. Beef jerky is a great snack to boost his or her energy before after school activities like sports.

Easter basket ideas for kids 87-92

87. Travel Size Toiletries: A carrying case packed with travel size toiletries makes for a useful Easter gift.

88. Ear Buds: Ear buds are an inexpensive gift for your child and for you if he or she is at that age where music needs to be loud enough to rattle the windows.

89. iTunes Gift Card: A gift that is sure to be appreciated by most kids (and adults for that matter) is an iTunes gift card since it can be used to download a variety of media from movies to music.

90. Travel Alarm Clocks: Okay, an alarm clock may not elicit squeals of excitement from your child but its still a useful and inexpensive Easter gift.

91. Cosmetic Bags: A cute cosmetic bag is a great Easter basket filler. With this little gift in hand your daughter will be able to neatly stow all of her makeup (rather than leaving it rolling around the bathroom counter).

92. Small Calculators: Send your child back to school after spring break ready to tackle even the toughest math problems with a handy calculator.

Easter basket ideas for kids 93-98

93. Pocket Knives: The boy in your family will go crazy for his very own pocket knife. In fact, he’ll be just looking for ways to use all of the tools and gadgets.

94. Make-Up Brushes: Whether your daughter is old enough to wear makeup or still in the dress-up phase, makeup brushes will be a welcome Easter basket addition.

95. USB Flash Drives: A flash drive is sure to come in handy for school work so add one to your child’s Easter basket.

96. Diary with Lock and Key: Another classic gift is a diary, and it’s a classic for a reason. Your daughter will love recording her hopes, dreams, and private thoughts in her very own diary.

97. Disposable Cameras: Make every moment a Kodak moment when you put a disposable camera in your child’s Easter basket. Get ready to say “Cheese”!

98. Cell Phone Cases: A cell phone case lets your child show off his or her individuality while ensuring that that expensive cell phone is adequately protected.

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids 99-10199. Magazine Subscriptions: Okay, it may not be Shakespeare but a magazine subscription will help encourage your son or daughter to read.

This Easter basket idea is especially inexpensive when you buy them from where you can score up to 80% off on subscriptions to popular magazines.

100. Mascara: Some nice makeup like non-clumping mascara is sure to be appreciated by the young lady in your family.

101. DVDs or Blu-Rays like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone can be picked up pretty cheaply and make great Easter basket fillers.

There you have it – 101 Easter basket ideas for kids! From my family to yours – Happy Easter!

What other Easter basket ideas for kids did I forget? Please share in the comments.

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